Site services

The site services product line is responsible for health and safety, waste disposal, catering, environmental protection and mobility at Behringwerke Industrial Park.

Works safety

Members of the works fire brigade are trained to deal with possible fires and rescue operations and are always ready for action. Whenever hazardous substances leak out, production facilities have to be weatherproofed or first responders need help dealing with medical emergencies – the fire brigade is there right away. Their service portfolio is rounded off by fire inspections for companies at Behringwerke Industrial Park.

The site security service is particularly visible at Behringwerke Industrial Park's four entrance gates, but its tasks go far beyond dealing with visitors, patrolling the premises and checking vehicles and ID. Whenever disruptions are reported, the security staff trigger alert chains and help prevent more significant damage from occurring.

Occupational health

The site medical department employs several occupational physicians who are also trained as emergency doctors. Together with a team of trained medical staff, they are responsible for all the occupational healthcare services provided at Behringwerke Industrial Park. These include compulsory check-ups for laboratory and production staff, eligibility tests for equipment operators and examinations that serve the purpose of product protection, all of which help ensure that GMP guidelines are adhered to.

Pharmaserv Site Services

Environmental protection & waste management

Pharmaserv's environmental protection and waste management experts develop customer-specific waste disposal solutions, are responsible for waste management at Behringwerke Industrial Park and dispose of all waste, no matter how specific. They operate a collection centre for recycling material and issue waste reports so that each company can provide evidence of where its waste is located.
Their day-to-day business also encompasses the operation, maintenance and ongoing development of Pharmaserv's environmental management system.

Site operations and services

Site Operations and Services takes care of transport infrastructure services and site maintenance from the car park to the edge of the building. The department organises the management of communal catering with three canteens where fresh food is cooked daily.  
The work also focuses on mobility at the site with management of the plant buses and car parking, for which new concepts and offers are constantly being developed.


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