Real estate management

Around 100 buildings, 60,000 m2 of road and yard space and 4,500 parking spaces: our real estate management makes sure that everything in and around the building complex works properly. This begins with property leasing and encompasses all the services that go with facility management. Our real estate experts ensure that leasable space is adapted, repairs are made, properties are cleaned and green areas are kept in order. It goes without saying that they also provide a 24/7 emergency service.

Pharmaserv Real Estate Management

Facilitating growth

The cooperation between the building project and real estate management units makes the real estate services offered at Behringwerke Industrial Park particularly attractive to customers. Knowledge of specific customer requirements means that offers and service packages can be constantly adjusted in line with current circumstances.

Pharmaserv’s motto is “Facilitating growth”. The company is itself the owner and building principal of many properties, thus helping customers conserve their investment resources. However, customers can also construct more specialised buildings on land developed and leased by Pharmaserv.


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