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Guidelines Environmental Protection Policy

The protection of the environment is firmly anchored in Pharmaserv's self-image. The focus is on three objectives: reducing energy requirements, increasing energy efficiency and conserving resources.

Pharmaserv Environmental Policy

Pharmaserv Environmental Policy

In order to achieve these goals, Pharmaserv has taken numerous concrete measures in recent years. For example, the efficiency of refrigeration has been increased by new refrigeration machines, and the generation of compressed air always works reliably and efficiently thanks to a higher-level control system for all compressors. A modernised route for transporting steam has significantly reduced heat losses. The renovation of both boiler houses also makes a decisive contribution here. 

Alternative energies

Pharmaserv also uses various approaches to generate renewable energy. Germany's largest geothermal field is located on the plant premises in Marburg; six office buildings and the computer centre are supplied with energy from there. An underground ice block cools and heats the logistics centre, and the company's own electricity is generated by a photovoltaic system, among other things.

Own forest

Pharmaserv is also active in environmental protection in the vicinity of the Marburg site. The company owns a ten-hectare piece of forest that is completely left to nature and in which numerous animals have settled. Other forest areas owned by Pharmaserv are managed jointly with the Hessen-Forst state enterprise.

Forward thinking

The long-term protection of the environment and people has been firmly anchored in Pharmaserv's corporate policy for many years. Thinking and acting with foresight enables both a secure supply of energy to the site and the economical use of resources - and Pharmaserv also has the clear goal of continuously improving the protection of the environment at the Behringwerke site in the future.

Management Board Pharmaserv GmbH: Dr Martin Egger, Peter Michael Weimar | June 2022



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