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Use of electricity supply networks (network usage) at Behringwerke Industrial Park

Pharmaserv operates a closed distribution network (section 110 par. 2 German Energy Industry Act – EnWG) to supply electricity to Behringwerke Industrial Park.

The company has been assigned the network operator number 9907761000009

According to the EnWG, Pharmaserv as the distribution network operator is responsible for the construction, ongoing operation, servicing and expansion of the power network.

Pharmaserv GmbH’s closed distribution network can be used in compliance with the provisions in the Energy Industry Act (EnWG), the regulation on access to electricity supply networks (StromNZV), the regulation on charges for access to electricity supply networks (StromNEV) and the requirements set out by the competent regulatory authority.

German law requires network operators to provide the following information:

If no link is yet available, we will send you the information on request. Please contact:

Jens-Uwe Wilhelm

Telephone: +49 (0) 64 21 / 39-61 22

Please note that in addition to network-related contracts, other contractual agreements (e.g. energy supply contracts) must be concluded before you can make use of electricity supplies.

For enquiries relating to supplies of energy and other products and services in our utilities line, please contact:

Markus Sauerbier

Telephone: +49 (0) 64 21 / 39-63 79

BDEW code numbers of Pharmaserv GmbH:

BDEW code    9907761000009 (network operator)
BDEW code    9978094000008 (metering point operator)    


Give us a call: +49 (64 21) 39 – 55 66



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