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Guidelines Occupational Health and Safety Policy

For us as a site operator and service company, occupational health and safety is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and is characterised by the following guidelines:

Pharmaserv occupational health and safety policy

Efficient occupational health and safety management

On the basis of our integrated management system, we systematically promote occupational health and safety in all areas of the company. The necessary resources are made available for this purpose. Based on our defined goals, we derive preventive and corrective measures, which we implement in joint cooperation to improve occupational health and safety performance.

Safe and employee-friendly workplaces

The protection and well-being of our employees, as well as that of visitors and other parties, is a priority for us. The safe work of each individual is a matter of course for us. We attach great importance to the safe and health-promoting design of workplaces and work processes, using the latest findings and state of the art technology.

Responsible employees

The awareness and skills of our employees are promoted through regular information, instruction, training and further education. Each individual is encouraged to make suggestions to continuously improve our occupational health and safety conditions. The installed processes allow for active participation and consultation of our employees. In occupational health and safety, each individual is sensitised to act responsibly.

Trustful cooperation with external parties

We cooperate with our external parties in all matters of occupational health and safety in a spirit of trust and maintain a regular exchange, which contributes to a safe working environment that promotes health and performance.

Preventive action

Various methods are used in our company to identify occupational health and safety hazards and potential risks at an early stage and to take preventive measures. Our preventive action contributes decisively to the avoidance of occupational accidents and diseases.

Compliance with occupational health and safety obligations and other requirements

We are committed to complying with all relevant occupational health and safety obligations and other requirements that apply to our company. The implementation of legal obligations and other requirements is regularly reviewed throughout the company in accordance with the specifications of our management system with regard to their effectiveness.

Continuous improvement

We consider the continuous improvement of our processes to be the basis for successful occupational health and safety management. In our company, we use various tools and methods that help us to identify optimisations and implement them at an early stage.

Management Board Pharmaserv GmbH: Dr Martin Egger, Peter Michael Weimar | June 2022


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