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Energy policy guidelines

For us as a site operator and service provider, energy policy is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and is characterised by the following guidelines:

Energy policy guidelines

Modern, clean and reliable

The energy and media supply of our site is clean, modern and, moreover, available to the highest degree. We fully comply with the relevant standards and laws with regard to energy use, consumption and efficiency.

Avoiding CO2 emissions

Pharmaserv will avoid all controllable CO2 emissions at the site and strives for a CO2-neutral energy supply.

Independent of market and brands

We reduce our dependence on market fluctuations and short-term trends through our own energy production, energy conversion and intelligent energy purchasing.


Together with our customers, we want to further develop the energy supply - in partnership, advantageously and sustainably. To this end, we seek regular exchange with all parties involved.


Generating efficiently, minimising losses and using energy economically - we show attractive ways to do this and ensure the availability of relevant information and resources to achieve energy policy goals.

Smartly managed

The optimal linking of demand and supply is an essential task for Pharmaserv as an energy service provider - to this end, we know and control the energy flows at the site.


We demand and promote energy efficiency - projects are checked for target conformity in our certified energy management system. Within the framework of the energy management system, as a component of our integrated management system, we are committed to the continuous improvement of energy-related services.


We become concrete - today and in the future.
Our goals are ambitious and sustainable - past and future projects confirm us in this.

Management Board Pharmaserv GmbH: Dr Martin Egger, Peter Michael Weimar | June 2022


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