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Pharmaserv Technics offers engineering, plant engineering and technical services for pharmaceutical environments – from project management and plant qualification to planned maintenance and urgent repairs.

Pharmaserv can step in with its expertise and services whenever the customer needs them. We offer an innovative approach when searching for solutions to problems, comprehensive management when realising engineering projects, plant qualification services, and maintenance and servicing throughout the plant lifecycle.

The customer benefits from Pharmaserv's wealth of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. 

Our work areas

Pharmaserv Analysemesstechnik

Analytical measuring technology

Do you need precise, continual chemical analyses of the current state of your facilities?

Errors – particularly in chemical measuring equipment – must be ruled out. Here too, Pharmaserv can provide technical measuring equipment and a range of services that have been precisely tailored to the production of pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaserv Automatisierungstechnik

Automation technology

Your challenges lie in complying with pharmaceutical regulations and the constant rise in process automation.

We offer appropriate GAMP5-compliant automation solutions. We also accompany you through all phases of the automation process – from initial concepts through basic and detail engineering to assembly and commissioning. In addition, we provide manufacturer-independent maintenance and servicing.

Pharmaserv Fertigungstechnik und Rohrleitungsbau

Production technology & pipeline construction

When you need to use GxP-compliant components made from plastics and stainless steel, it’s a good idea to have a competent partner by your side.

Pharmaserv designs and manufactures components in accordance with the specifications and standards essential to the production of pharmaceuticals. Imagination, skill, and good ideas are crucial here. The same applies to complex pipeline construction projects.

Pharmaserv ISO-Kalibriertechnik

ISO calibration technology

Testing and measuring equipment requires continuous monitoring and regular calibration.

Exploit the potential to cut costs and improve safety – in areas that you may already be considering: calibration strategies, measurement uncertainties, measurement point assessments, calibration cycles, vaccinations for technicians, and documentation.

Pharmaserv Kältetechnik

Refrigeration technology

The quality of your products is of paramount importance.

You require reliable, uninterrupted refrigeration to make sure that the quality of your products remains consistently high.

Pharmaserv provides a comprehensive range of services for your refrigeration technology: from planning and installing refrigeration equipment and systems to round-the-clock repair services.

Pharmaserv Lüftungstechnik

Ventilation technology

Are you looking for a partner to assess your facility?

We conduct manufacturer-independent technical and energy assessments of your ventilation systems. These assessments are followed by detailed solution proposals that define the measures required, e.g. hygiene tests or the setting of parameters. We are your partner for GxP-compliant implementation in your existing facilities.

Pharmaserv Kalibrierlabor

Pharmaserv calibration laboratory

Do you use precision measuring instruments and test equipment? If so, they have to provide exact results. Measuring instruments and test equipment used for measuring temperatures are calibrated in Pharmaserv’s calibration laboratory – for verifiably accurate measurements.

Pharmaserv's calibration laboratory is accredited by Germany's national accreditation body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle – DAkkS); this is where we calibrate temperature measuring devices to a thousandth of a degree Celsius. Our laboratory is noted for providing monitored, reliable information on measurement uncertainty.

The DAkkS calibration certificates are official documents. They provide proof of metrological traceability which meets national or international standards as required by the DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 norms.

These certificates are essential when proof of exceptionally precise calibration is required for measuring equipment.

Pharmaserv Qualifizierung und Validierung

Qualification and validation

As a research and manufacturing company, you expect clear standards that are transparent and reliable. Pharmaserv offers all the process validation and facility qualification services you need.

Do you want to fulfil your statutory obligations in a way that is both optimised and cost-effective? Rely on integrated qualification and validation by one and the same partner. As a plant operator, you set great store by the smooth execution of each qualification or validation process. Your requirement: plant downtime must be minimised and new plant must go into safe operation as quickly as possible. Meeting these demands requires smooth chronological processing of the individual qualification modules. Good planning and coordinated, timely implementation play a decisive role in this situation.

Pharmaserv has the competence and technical expertise necessary to meet these requirements. We can offer you flexible support even if the plant is already in operation or the qualification process has started.

Pharmaserv Reinraumtechnik

Clean room technology

When it comes to research and production, you need clean rooms that remain safe, reliable and compliant with specifications throughout their life cycle.

We provide competent, flexible support when you are planning, implementing, commissioning and operating your clean rooms and training your staff.

Pharmaserv Sterilisationstechnik

Sterilisation technology

Your tasks include the proper and professional preparation and sterilisation of instruments, medical devices, and pharmaceutical products.

Your vision: sterilisation processes that run absolutely smoothly. Pharmaserv offers sophisticated, tried-and-tested solutions covering the entire life cycle of your facilities.


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