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Quality management

Satisfying customers and complying with regulations –
these are the main objectives of Pharmaserv's quality management.

Every customer has the right to expect that their shipments will be delivered punctually and safely, that technical services will be rendered in compliance with the applicable regulations, that GxP standards will be strictly adhered to, and that it will be possible to perform audits successfully at any time. Pharmaserv’s quality management makes sure of all this. Our experts monitor compliance with all statutory regulations and current standards on the German and international markets.

Certification according to classic industry standards such as ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 50001 is a matter of course for Pharmaserv. Here Pharmaserv's quality management follows the principle of always offering more than the authorities require – this ensures that our standards remain consistently high.

As service providers in the international pharmaceutical sector, Pharmaserv is not satisfied merely to comply with industrial standards in the areas of technics and logistics; instead, we base our activities on the much stricter standards that apply to pharmaceuticals, including the German Medicines Act, the American CRF Regulations and the WHO guidelines (GxP guideline).

Moreover, all the processes and services that Pharmaserv offers are based on GxP guidelines. G and P stand for “good practice”; the x is a placeholder for the respective field of application. GMP, for example, means “Good Manufacturing Practice”, while GDP stands for “Good Distribution Practice”.

Compliance with all quality standards is monitored by 18 Pharmaserv staff, some of whom are directly responsible for ensuring that the regulations are complied with in their respective departments. Our quality management staff also work tirelessly on improving standards. Technical innovations are constantly being observed and utilised with this in mind – data loggers, for example, were formerly only read when a shipment of pharmaceuticals arrived at its destination; nowadays, shipments can be monitored en route using GPS.

Pharmaserv's comprehensive quality management system ensures that all services and processes adhere to high standards at all times – and that the expectations of both customers and authorities are met and exceeded.


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