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Production supply

The desired quantities of the right raw materials are delivered to the production facility just in time – not too soon and not too late. Pharmaserv Logistics’ system-integrated production supply processes make sure of this.

When a company in the pharmaceutical sector transfers its production supply processes to a specialised logistics provider, this has a lot to do with trust – after all, supplies of raw materials, excipients and active ingredients are vitally important to keep production running smoothly. Pharmaserv Logistics performs precisely this service for manufacturing companies in the pharmaceutical sector.

System-integrated service

Customers have their raw materials delivered directly to the warehouse in Marburg, where they are put into storage. The customer then sends an order to the logistic experts whenever materials are required for production – for some companies, this can happen several times a day. Pharmaserv Logistics unpacks the stored materials, picks them, packs them in special transport containers and transports them to the production building. If requested, Pharmaserv will also book them in the customer's own system. These services eliminate the need for the company to keep space and staff available to deal with supplies of raw materials; neither does it have to dispose of packaging.

Sampling in clean room conditions

Pharmaserv's trained staff will also carry out sampling in a qualified clean room on request. Large packages are sampled in a laminar flow cabinet and small ones in a so-called clean bench.

Supplies of laboratory and production materials

We also offer an additional service: the Pharmaserv shop supplies customers regularly or as needed with laboratory and production consumables such as cleaning agents, disposable clothing and filters.

Production supply

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