The companies at Behringwerke Industrial Park require electricity, steam, heat, refrigeration, compressed air, nitrogen, drinking water, sewage disposal and data networks. The necessary media and networks are made available by the utilities product line.

The utilities product line provides electricity in the form of a regulated network known as a “closed distribution network”. Pharmaserv's experts attach particular importance to failsafe performance and customer proximity, as they know that even minor disruptions can have a significant impact on pharmaceutical production.

Electricity, steam, refrigeration

The supply and disposal networks are around 300 kilometres long and supply all the customers at Behringwerke Industrial Park with approximately 80,000 megawatt hours of electricity every year. Pharmaserv owns and operates several refrigeration units to provide process cooling. Compressed air is provided by four compressors, while liquid nitrogen is stored in large tanks. The boiler houses generate approximately 150,000 tons of steam each year; this is used by the companies on site for production purposes. Drinking water is obtained from an upstream supplier and distributed via the site’s own networks. Large elevated tanks have been installed between the two plant zones in order to safeguard supplies. The utilities product line also provides on-site operational management services for cogeneration power plants at the customer's request; these include maintenance and servicing. In 2019, the utilities product line also began operating high-performance data networks (copper cable and Dark Fiber optical fibre networks) with an eye to bundling all networks under one roof.

Pharmaserv Utilities

Experience as added value

What distinguishes Pharmaserv from other energy suppliers is not only its wide range of services but also its decades of experience with pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Everyone involved is aware that the right temperature plays a decisive role in the production of pharmaceuticals, that all processes have to function reliably, that not even the smallest failures can be tolerated. For this reason, all systems are fitted with special safety functions; along with redundancies, these include round-the-clock monitoring and dedicated control rooms. This ensures that the utilities product line can rise to the challenge of always offering the best physical and digital services for companies in sensitive GMP environments.

Network operation (electricity)


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