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Equipment Asset Services – the future of servicing

Scheduled maintenance, measuring point calibration, an urgent repair or an official TÜV inspection – no matter which technical service you need, our GxP experts are quick to help.

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products invest a lot of capital in their production plant and ancillary systems – and this investment has to pay off. Pharmaserv’s experts help you make sure this happens. They ensure that plant functionality and operational readiness are kept at their peak. Pharmaserv’s GxP experts – and the equipment they need – are deployed all over Germany.

Calibration, maintenance, testing

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can make use of Pharmaserv’s calibration and maintenance databases at any time; they also have access to remote maintenance services and a round-the-clock (24/7) troubleshooting service. With regard to servicing, Pharmaserv provides assistance with the use of digital data and cutting-edge documentation and processing technologies, all of which are integral to Industry 4.0. Pharmaserv’s experts are also on hand to carry out tests and inspections of room ventilation systems.

Digitisation service

Pharmaserv offers an extensive range of services in the areas of data integrity and compliance and helps customers transition to electronic data archiving. We also provide servicing in the areas of predictive maintenance, equipment asset management and augmented reality. This is where Pharmaserv Engineering comes to the fore.

Pharmaserv Computer Asset Services


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