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The Pharmaserv Technology Division is ready for the future of Digitalization!!

| Technics

Augmented Reality exits the development phase and enters the stage of implementation in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry!

Modern and sustainable production facilities increasingly require a condition-based technical service. In addition to the physical plants, there is often already a digital twin. By merging real and digital information, the plant technology, its data, documentation and the relevant processes can be transferred into a variety of new applications. We rely on the expertise of leading manufacturers and use the appropriate hardware and software. One application we have already established, is the field of use for service work. Here, our service technician can move freely through the use of AR technology, using real and digital information directly in real time and ensuring valid, location-independent processing of tasks with all required specialists with an audio-visual live transmission.

This technology also helps us find solutions in the pandemic to reduce contact and also travel costs. Through this technology we will provide a better future for our customers and also for our employees!

Pharmaserv Augmented Reality iGxP4


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