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Service pledge

1. Attitude & mindset
We enjoy being service providers: we place our professional and personal expertise at our customers’ service and are committed to achieving their goals. We anticipate, recognise and fully service their wishes and needs.

2. Communication & interaction with customers
We actively seek customer contact on our own initiative.
Our communication is open and transparent, appreciative of others and appropriate to the situation.
The way we deal with our customers is fair, genuinely friendly, reliable and confidential.

3. Personal/individual responsibility
We make our customers successful; we also ensure that they feel well looked after and that they are in the right place. Every one of us is personally responsible for rising to the challenges that our customers set us, even if they are not our area of responsibility. We owe our customers a result.

4. Handling enquiries & clarifying orders
We make sure that we understand our customers. We deal with enquiries immediately.

5. Professionalism
We are service providers and site operators. We create attractive conditions and offer high-quality services, allowing our customers to focus on their core business. As owners, we are aware of our particular responsibility for the site and its further development. For us, professionalism means doing our job well even in difficult conditions and providing the services agreed even in adverse circumstances. We observe the rules of fairness, even – and particularly – when they do not work to our advantage.

6. Order processing
We involve our customers.
We comply with agreements.
We guarantee quality.
We work as a team.


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