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Opportunities created by the pandemic

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Where we stand

We have still not overcome the current pandemic. Politicians, scientists, industry and society are gaining new insights every day and deriving new courses of action to overcome this global crisis. A method imposed on us, at least in part, by the current situation.

The first vaccines were developed and approved in record time. The outstanding work by researchers in the pharmaceutical industry and by scientists worldwide, and also especially in Europe, is quite remarkable. The lives of millions of people and indeed the entire global economy depend on the successes achieved in these fields – probably one of the key realisations today. The strength of research in the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and Germany is not an unknown quantity, as evidenced by the hundreds of drugs currently in the development pipeline, specifically in oncology.
The fast provision of sufficient volumes of safe and effective drugs is becoming an essential task for the major economies and industrialised nations, and will remain so in the future.
Only by doing so can we protect our health systems from becoming overwhelmed: the hospitals in which outstanding work was provided in the various stages of the pandemic when thousands of doctors and nurses helped patients, putting their own lives on the line and, in some case, even losing their lives in the process.

Investing in research and production

The infrastructure already exists in Europe, as Germany was once the world’s pharmacy and has even produced Nobel Laureates in Medicine in the field of vaccine development. Unfortunately, there continues to be an ongoing decline in the number of start-ups in the biotech sector, while new investments, especially in gene and cell therapies, are growing very positively in the USA and Asia. From a European perspective, this does not represent a satisfactory and future-centric way forward, even against the background of a trade policy that is at times imponderable and subject to possible restrictions, and supply chains that can prove difficult. These effects were very noticeable at the start of the pandemic, and specifically affected flows of goods needed to provide protection against the spread of the pandemic. 
The production of pharmaceuticals, in particular, is highly complex and requires the highest levels of precision and reliability in the manufacture of the products, comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge, often within a close scientific and industrial network, as well as a powerful infrastructure of logistics providers, plant manufacturers, component manufacturers and highly specialised service providers – all of this is still available, especially in Germany.

Pharmaserv GxP-Wartung
BioNTech Impfmotiv
Pharmaserv Standort Behringwerke Marburg

German and European hub

In Europe, we therefore have the knowledge and the capacity to take the necessary measures from the experience we have gained in the pandemic – even greater networking and funding of science and industry, the development and further expansion of pharmaceutical research and, in particular, production in Europe, and thus the creation of tens of thousands of jobs. Secure supply chains, regional supply of the population with vital medicines, combined with the simultaneous provision of sensible, balanced and targeted global networking. The necessary infrastructure in logistics, plant construction, technical and other services will also benefit from this, and there will be many opportunities for growth. This will also provide the real prospect of developing alternative employment and creating new jobs for people from other, less prosperous industries. All of these opportunities need to be exploited.

Behringwerke Marburg site - a future built on tradition

The Behringwerke Marburg pharmaceutical site, with approximately 6,000 employees, is a biotechnology centre with innovative established pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaserv, the owner and operator of the pharmaceutical park, offers its customers innovative technical services as well as highly professional pharmaceutical logistics and comprehensive integrated site management. The most well-known companies at the Behringwerke site are the global pharmaceutical producers CSL Behring GmbH, GSK Vaccines GmbH, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products GmbH and also BioNTech Manufacturing Marburg GmbH since 2020.

Pharmaserv also maintains branch offices in Frankfurt am Main and Cologne to provide highly specialised technical services to the pharmaceutical industry regionally throughout Germany as well. In terms of logistics, Pharmaserv has a Pharmaceutical Air Freight Hub in Gross-Gerau, which has the approval to store temperature-sensitive drugs and also German Federal Aviation Authority Air Cargo Security Status.

BioNTech, the Mainz-based biotech company, wants to produce its coronavirus vaccine at the Behringwerke site and has taken over a production building for this purpose. Pharmaserv is the site operator, as well as a GxP-compliant technical service provider and also a provider of logistics services.


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