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Calibration as an external service

| Technics

Precision measuring instruments and test equipment have to deliver precise results. Pharmaserv's calibration service maintains 30,000 pharmaceutical measuring points for leading pharmaceutical manufacturers – both in its calibration laboratory at Behringwerke Industrial Park in Marburg and on the premises of companies located all over Germany. 

As the operator of Behringwerke Industrial Park in Marburg, Pharmaserv cooperates closely with international pharmaceutical customers and knows all their production conditions, manufacturing procedures, processes, auditing systems and documentation requirements inside out. We focus on the officially regulated pharmaceutical industry (GxP, FDA etc.). With regard to our calibration services, we apply our own standard operation procedures (SOP) or work with the factory calibration procedures used by our customers – which also includes fully integrating them into their systems. In this respect, we are manufacturer-independent – thus reducing the customer’s supplier management requirements to a minimum. We calibrate all the sensors in their production systems. As an independent service provider, the calibration services we offer our customers are manufacturer-neutral.

Pharmaserv's calibration laboratory is accredited by Germany's national accreditation body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle – DAkkS); this is where we calibrate temperature measuring devices to a thousandth of a degree Celsius. The laboratory is noted for providing monitored, reliable information regarding measurement uncertainty, and also works in compliance with norms DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. 

Along with recurrent routine calibration, our calibration services also encompass project calibration. For this, we contribute our expertise early on in the project phase and also assist our customers with commissioning, measurement uncertainty observations and parameterisation – another type of support that will help safeguard routine operations later on. We have an extensive pool of test equipment, and our test management system ensures that its history can be tracked seamlessly throughout its lifecycle.

Thanks to our calibration technicians, who have received basic and advanced training in the pharmaceutical industry besides undergoing the necessary instruction and obtaining occupational safety and health certification, we can give our customers the best possible support throughout their production processes – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We implement solution-oriented optimisation measures such as innovation and variance management, KPI assessments and CIP on a daily basis.  Our shutdown, maintenance and repair management systems round off our claim to be the “single point of contact” for companies. 


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