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Achieve your goals with Pharmaserv

We endeavour to develop and implement the best solutions for our customers.
With this in mind, we have defined our goals in a mission statement:

Our thoughts and actions are service-oriented
We are the site operators, owners and developers of Behringwerke Industrial Park. We also provide high-quality technical services off-site for the process industry.
Above all, our goal is to achieve economic success and sustainable growth through our focus on service and support. Our concept of "ownership and operation under one roof" defines the basic conditions that are needed for this.

Our customers guide our actions
Our aim is to inspire lasting enthusiasm in our customers for our perfectly customised solutions, maximum service orientation and the demand-oriented quality of our products and services. Our services create measurable added value for our customers.
We consistently think things through from the customer’s viewpoint and orient our services and processes accordingly. We are professional, innovative and flexible and actively work towards achieving our customers’ goals. We take special account of our customers’ specific requirements with regard to pharmaceutical / GMP environments.

We are committed to creating optimum conditions
We enable our customers to develop their full potential and focus on their core business. Our site development planning provides space for consolidation, expansion and relocation.
We offer services, products and flexible system solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers as effectively and sustainably as possible. Long-term business relationships enable us to gain a deep understanding of the organisation, processes and needs of our customers and suppliers.

We are competent site operators and service providers
We operate Behringwerke Industrial Park and are committed to its consistent, future-oriented development in consultation with our customers. Our core expertise lies in integrated site management and high-quality technical services.
Energy and media supplies, waste disposal, facility management, logistics, information and communications technology, occupational health and the planning, project management and implementation of complex technical services are our particular strengths.

Economic efficiency is the basis of successful development
We invest in established technologies/infrastructural systems with the economic, ecological and strategic support of our customers. We invest in complete buildings and infrastructures for offices, laboratories or logistics use, in "roofs and structures" for production buildings and in high-quality services.
Our success is largely determined by the success of our customers. Shared growth, consistent further development and optimum added value guide our actions.

Our staff play a decisive role in the success of our company
The people in our company are the key architects of our success. We offer them interesting jobs with prospects and expect above-average commitment, strong initiative and the highest possible level of customer focus in return.
Our cooperation is based on transparency, open communication and respectful interaction. Short decision-making channels, a fair management style, an interest in the welfare of our employees and a good working environment are all factors that make our company stand out.

We act reliably and responsibly
We are committed to making constant improvements with regard to the activities we carry out to protect the environment and our staff and neighbours. We make sure to identify and implement the latest versions of the statutory provisions that apply to us.
We continue to develop systematically and professionally by constantly reviewing and improving the quality of our products, services, processes, working conditions and management style. We take social responsibility within the Marburg region and foster the social commitment of our employees.

Marburg, October 2007

Gender distinctions have been dispensed with for greater clarity.


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