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Environmental protection

Environmental protection is deeply rooted in Pharmaserv's self-image. Pharmaserv’s environmental targets are threefold: to reduce energy requirements, to increase energy efficiency and to conserve resources.

In recent years, Pharmaserv has implemented numerous measures to achieve these goals. Refrigeration efficiency, for example, has been increased by installing new cooling units, and the higher-level control system for all compressors ensures that compressed air is always generated reliably and efficiently. The use of a modernised steam transport conduit has significantly reduced heat loss. The renovation of both boiler houses has also made a key contribution in this respect. 

Alternative energies

Pharmaserv also adopts various approaches to the use of renewable energies. The works site in Marburg is home to Germany's largest geothermal field, which supplies energy to the data centre and six office buildings. The logistics centre is cooled and heated by an underground ice block, and the site generates its own electricity using a photovoltaic system and various other means.


Pharmaserv also carries out environmental activities in the vicinity of the Marburg site. The company owns ten hectares of woodland which have been left to grow completely wild and are now home to numerous animals. It also owns other areas of woodland which it manages in cooperation with the forestry service HessenForst.

Forward-looking thinking

The long-term protection of humanity and the environment has been firmly rooted in Pharmaserv's corporate policy for many years. Forward-looking thinking and action make it possible not only to safeguard energy supplies to the industrial park but also to use resources sparingly – and Pharmaserv is firmly committed to the ongoing improvement of environmental protection measures at Behringwerke Industrial Park in the future.


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